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CTKA formerly published Probe Magazine. Some of the articles on this site first appeared in Probe.

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Jim DiEugenio on Coast to Coast with Richard Syrett, Saturday night the 22nd, from Midnight to 2 AM PST

Dr. Gary Aguilar reviews Flip De Mey's book, Cold Case Kennedy.

Dr. Aguilar also discusses the group memoir of the Dallas doctors We Were There, by Dr. Allen Childs.

Seamus Coogan on the Skyhorse reissue of Philip Nelson's LBJ: Mastermind of JFK's Assassination

Vasilios Vazakas reviews Charles Hurlburt's It's Time for the Truth!: The JFK Cover-Up

Jim DiEugenio discusses Dr. Lance Moore's Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies

Seamus Coogan reviews Stephen Kinzer's book on Allen and John Foster Dulles, The Brothers

Excerpts from Part 2 of Greg Parker's book Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War

On the 50th Anniversary of the issuance of the Warren Report: Why the Warren Report is a Joke today



The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X

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Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case, by James DiEugenio

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Lee Harvey Oswald's
Cold War: Why The
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by Greg Parker

Lee Harvey Oswald's life was real, in a real world on the brink. And in that real world were studies, policies, programs and overt and covert operations that would either drag it closer to the brink, or pull it back. Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War examines his milieu and hints at areas for future inquiries.

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Full listing of articles from PROBE
New Developments in MLK, Jr. case

James DiEugenio
Reclaiming Parkland

Reclaiming Parkland describes Tom Hanks's failed attempt to adapt Vincent Bugliosi's massive book Reclaiming History into a mini-series. It also exposes the origins of that book in a dubious mock trial. Included is a withering critique of Bugliosi's inflated book. The author examines an early draft of the film Parkland, the CIA's influence in Hollywood today, Hanks' closeness to Washington, and the actor's spurious claim of being a historian. Also included is the author's unsuccessful attempt to stop Leonardo DiCaprio from making a film out of Legacy of Secrecy.

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New Articles

Where was Oswald during the shooting?
By Gokay Hasan Yusuf

A New Look at Jack Ruby
By John Armstrong

The March of Folly: Martin Hay on Dave Reitzes, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, and Part Seven

Master Class with John Hankey: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four
By Seamus Coogan

Gerald Hill and the Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald
By Gokay Hasan Yusuf

The Watchman Waketh But In Vain
Martin Hay responds to Howard Willens' response

The Evidence is the Conspiracy
By David Josephs

The Deaths of Two Unsung Heroes
By James DiEugenio

Media Mayhem
CTKA Chairman James DiEugenio appeared on the Media Mayhem program to discuss his book, Reclaiming Parkland.

Dale Myers and his "So-Called Evidence"
By Joseph McBride

The State of the Case: Fifty Years Out
By James DiEugenio

Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War
By Greg Parker

Gary Mack's "Magical" Powers of Dissuasion
By Ryan Siebenthaler

When Tony Summers Fell in Love With Patricia Lambert
By James DiEugenio

Conspiracy Theory? Why No One Believes the Warren Report
By John Kelin

Anti-Conspiracy Theories
By David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D.

A Conspiracy Primer
by Joseph E. Green

General Giap Knew
by Mani S. Kang

John McAdams and the Siege of Chicago
Part One and Part Two
by James DiEugenio, with Brian Hunt

Ron Rosenbaum Fires the First Salvo
Part One and Part Two
by James DiEugenio

The mystery of CE163
by Gokay Hasan Yusuf

Citizen Wilcke Dissents Brigitte Wilcke protests conspiracy program on the public airwaves

A Conspiracy Primer by Joseph E. Green

An Action Alert from CTKA
An Open Letter To Rachel Maddow by James DiEugenio

The Mystery of Red Bird Airport By Larry Hancock

Gary Mack Strikes Again by James DiEugenio

The_MSM_and_RFKJr by James DiEugenio

Notes on Lunch with Arlen Specter on January 4, 2012 By Vincent Salandria

Evaluating the Case against Lyndon Johnson
by Vasilios Vazakas, with Seamus Coogan and Phil Dragoo

A Manifesto for the Fiftieth
by Mark Prior

Last Word: My Indictment Of The CIA In The Murder of JFK by Mark Lane, Reviewed by Martin Hay

JFK and the Majestic Papers: The History of a Hoax by Seamus Coogan Updated Part 5, 6 and Conclusion

The Illusion of Michael Shermer, Principles of Sleight of Hand, reviewed by Frank Cassano

LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination by Phillip F. Nelson, reviewed by Joseph Green.

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory on JFK, reviewed by Seamus Coogan.

The Wikipedia Fraud Pt. 3:
Wales Covers Up for the Warren Commission
by James DiEugenio
More: Part 1, Part 2, Part 2 Addendum

On e-readers and JFK e-books by Rich Negrete Part One, Part Two

The Connally Bullet Powerful evidence that Connally was hit by a bullet from a different assassin, by Robert Harris

David Mantik vs. Pat Speer on the JFK Autopsy X-rays: A Critique of http://www.patspeer.com/
Chapters 18a, 18b, and 19b
by David W. Mantik

James DiEugenio's presentation from NID 2010 "Historical Revisionism and the JFK Case" The Complete Transcript on Joseph Backes' Blog. (Order the DVD)

DiCaprio Buys Waldron—In More Ways Than One, By James DiEugenio

The Kennedys
The coverup continues: The Kennedys in Hollywood - John F. Kennedy - Salon.com

8 Crazy Scenes From "The Kennedys" The Daily Beast obtained an exclusive, early copy of the script of the botched History Channel miniseries "The Kennedys". Jace Lacob picks eight salacious bits from the first episode. (PDF)

Who is Anton Batey?
Part One: Batey’s Posthumous Assassination of JFK
Part Two: Batey Backs the Warren Commission Cover-Up
by Brian Hunt with James DiEugenio

John Hankey Marches Onward and Downward by Seamus Coogan, with Frank Cassano A Letter to James Corbett by Frank Cassano

The State Dept. official entrusted with dealing with the JFK conspiracy relies on Reclaiming History as his guide Todd Leventhal: The Minister of Diz at Dealey Plaza by William Kelly

More on the Alex Jones story by Seamus Coogan "Reaction: Point/Counterpoint, King vs. Coogan" Addendum: Who is James Bamford? And what was he doing with the ARRB? by Seamus Coogan

Alex Jones on the Kennedy Murder explores the work of the self-styled conspiracy baron by Seamus Coogan. Be sure to check Part Two.

The Impossible One Day Journey Of CE 399, By James DiEugenio (with help by J. Edgar Hoover) At the time of the assassination, CE 399 as we know it today, did not exist.

Wikipedia, Gamaliel, and the Fletcher Prouty entry

Will the Real Wikipedia Please Stand Up? examines the role of the Wikipedia web site in providing information about the JFK assassination. by J. P. Mroz

Please, Mr. Wales, Remain Seated, Part Twowith an Addendum by James DiEugenio March  2011

David Von Pein: Hosting Comedy Central? is an incisive overview of the Internet career of the man many call Disinformation Dave, by James DiEugenio. The article has this update.

Deeper Into Dave Perry examines the work of Warren Commission defender Dave Perry, in particular on the issue of witness Mary Bledsoe.

President Barack Obama's decision about Afghanistan is drawing comparison's to JFK's decision not to bomb Cuba.

Jefferson Morley's effort to get CIA files on George Joannides will likely put Barack Obama's declared FOIA support to the test.

JFK Ten Point Program The truth has always been on our side. But in the court of public opinion, our opponents still manage to score points. To remedy this, Joseph E. Green has developed ten points that summarize essential truths to bear in mind.

The Obama administration is considered in light of James W. Douglass's JFK and the Unspeakable (see "Reviews" section, below), in this article in Sojourners magazine. See, too, this video interview with author Douglass.


Older articles are periodically moved to this CTKA archive.

Articles and Opinion

Oswald and the U2 Program:
A Second Look and Yet Another Fascinating Coincidence, by Mark Prior

The Chicago Plot to Kill JFK Investigated by Edwin Black, The Chicago Independent, November 1975.

The Illusion of Michael Shermer, the principles of sleight of hand, by Frank Cassano.

The legacy of former Dallas D.A. Henry Wade is under scrutiny. Wade, who would have prosecuted Lee Oswald and did win a conviction against Jack Ruby, has had nineteen of his convictions overturned by DNA evidence.


New Developments in RFK case


RFK assassination witness tells CNN: There was a second shooter. Rhodes-Hughes tells CNN the FBI's eight-shot claim is "completely false." She says the bureau "twisted" things she told two FBI agents when they interviewed her as an assassination witness in 1968, and she says Harris and her prosecutors are simply "parroting" the bureau's report.

Attorneys for RFK convicted killer Sirhan push 'second gunman' argument. cnn.com

Calif. AG Asks Judge to Deny Sirhan Sirhan Appeal - ABC News

Convicted RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan seeks prison release - CNN.com

British program, Was Sirhan hypnotized to shoot RFK?

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.

Will Sirhan be Retried?
Pepper and Dusek Advance the RFK Case
by James DiEugenio

The Second Dallas, A Review of the DVD by James DiEugenio

Sirhan Papers Blocked
Auction of Sirhan papers blocked The scheduled auction of a handwritten account by Sirhan Sirhan of his actions before the 1968 assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was blocked Tuesday by the convicted killer's attorney. Lawyer William Pepper said the purported description of Sirhan's visit to the Ambassador Hotel where Kennedy was gunned down may be "significant evidence" in an ongoing effort to win parole for the Pleasant Valley State Prison inmate, now 67. See pages here.

Sirhan Papers to Auction
Displayed as the proof that Sirhan gave him (McCowan) the rights to these documents, actually, this document does nothing of the kind. Sirhan gives McCowan the "right" to write a book. from Joseph Backes.

Sirhan and the RFK Assassination
Part I: The Grand Illusion
Part II: Rubik's Cube
by Lisa Pease

Sirhan Parole Denied

AP Sirhan Sirhan, now 66, convicted of assassinating Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, gestures during a Board hearing.

Sirhan Asks For Parole Again Update on Sirhan, 13 shot analysis and information from Atty Pepper.

The San Francisco Chronicle marked the fortieth anniversary of the RFK assassination by conceding that "questions linger" in the shooting.

William F. Pepper discussed the RFK assassination in a recent CNN interview. Pepper now represents RFK's alleged assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

Two researchers say their analysis of a previously unknown audiotape may provide new evidence of a second gunman in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Check here for details. A Los Angeles TV report on this has been posted to YouTube. The two researchers say further that RFK's real assassin may still be alive and living abroad. In 2008, the two held a news conference on their findings. Later, they broke the ice at CNN.







Laura Poitras' film about Edward Snowden, Citizenfour
Reviewed by James DiEugenio

'Kill the Messenger': Rare Truth-telling
By James DiEugenio

Oswald's Game, by Jean Davison
Reviewed by James DiEugenio (this review has this Update)

The War State, by Michael Swanson
Reviewed by James DiEugenio

If Kennedy Lived, by Jeff Greenfield
Reviewed by James DiEugenio

To Move the World, by Jeffrey Sachs
Reviewed by James DiEugenio

Panjandrum: Secrets of the JFK X-rays
A review by David W. Mantik

Absolute Proof, by Robert Groden
Reviewed by James DiEugnio

Survivor's Guilt, by Vincent M. Palamara
Reviewed by James DiEugenio

With Malice: A Review, Part 1 and Part 2
By Hasan Yusuf

Killing Oswald, by Shane O'Sullivan
Reviewed by Vasilios Vazakas

Robert Dallek Camouflages JFK, Twice
A double review by James DiEugenio

They Killed Our President, by Jesse Ventura
Reviewed by Frank Cassano

History Will Prove Us Right
Reviewed by Martin Hay

CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys
Reviewed by Martin Hay

Conspiracy Theory in America, by Lance deHaven-Smith
Reviewed by Larry Hancock with James DiEugenio

JFK's Last Hundred Days, by Thurston Clarke
Reviewed by James DiEugenio

Enemy of the Truth, by Sherry P. Fiester
Reviewed by David W. Mantik

The Bonds of Secrecy, by Saint John Hunt
Reviewed by Seamus Coogan

Book Review: Kaleidoscope By Harrison Livingstone
Reviewed by James DiEugenio, April 2013

The End of an Obsession: A Review of "Castro's Secrets" by Arnaldo M. Fernandez

JFK: The French Connection, by Peter Kross , Reviewed by Seamus Coogan
From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle: One FBI Agent's View of the JFK Assassination by Don Adams and Harrison E. Livingstone Book Review by Seamus Coogan

Consortiumnews Exclusive:
Bill O'Reilly's Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot,
reviewed by James DiEugenio

Part 2: Entering Peter Janney's World of Fantasy By James DiEugenio

MRS. KENNEDY & ME: A Very Good Book With A Few Pages of Trouble by Vince Palamara

Michael Shermer Strikes (Out) Again Review of Michael Shermer's CBC documentary, "Conspiracy Rising" By Frank Cassano

Nexus by Larry Hancock, Review by James DiEugenio

Why Chris Matthews found Jack Kennedy So Elusive (Consortium News)
Reviewed by James DiEugenio

BETRAYAL IN DALLAS: LBJ, the Pearl Street Mafia, and the Murder of President Kennedy
Reviewed by William Davy

The Lost Bullet: Max Holland Gets Lost In Space, Review by James DiEugenio

Reviews of John McAdams' JFK Assassination Logic by:

The Secret Service Hated JFK But Did They Want Him Dead? Mark Lane -- who's been on the forefront of the JFK conspiracy movement for almost 50 years -- joins TMZ in the studio.

Manning Marable’s Malcolm X A review by Joseph E. Green

A Comprehensive Review by David Mantik of Donald Byron Thomas' Hear No Evil: Social Constructivism and the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination

David Halberstam and The Second Biggest Lie Ever Told: A Look Back at The Best and the Brightest Part 2 : Halberstam and Johnson by James DiEugenio, May 2011 (Part One)

Accidental History:The Girl on the Stairs by Barry Ernest, reviewed by Joseph E. Green and James DiEugenio

LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination by Phillip F. Nelson. Review by Joseph Green

Review of The Kennedy Detail by Secret Service expert Vince Palamara. Palamara disputes the book's claim of President Kennedy ordering the agents off the back of the limousine in Dallas. Look for the Documentary on the Discovery Channel "The Kennedy Detail".

Seamus Coogan on Joseph Farrell's new book LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy: A Coalescence of Interests, plus a look at the fraudulent MJ 12 papers.

JFK and the Unspeakable James W. Douglass has written the best book on the assassination since 2005's Breach of Trust, according to reviewer James DiEugenio.

Inside the Assassination Records Review Board is former ARRB staffer Douglas Horne's five-volume assessment of that panel's work on the JFK assassination during the 1990s. Below are critiques of each volume.

Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three
Volumes Four and Five

review by James DiEugenio

The Dark Legacy of John Hankey is Seamus Coogan's review of JFK2, a curious video that has been making the rounds for the last couple of years. James DiEugenio adds this update.

Lamar Waldron's Legacy of Secrecy is now available in an updated edition. Reviewed by William Davy.

JFK: The Ruby Connection aired on the Discovery Channel around the time of the forty-sixth anniversary of the JFK assassination. James DiEugenio has this review. Be sure to see Part Two, and Part Three, Gary Mack Replies: Dr. Faustus Defends His Deal.

For many more book, film, and media reviews, see CTKA's new Review Archive.


The Role of the Media

The media's track record in the JFK case is abysmal, and this section is one of the most important areas on this site.

abc logoABC-TV
cbs logoCBS-TV
nbc logoNBC-TV

The articles you will find via the above links are a comprehensive dissection of the media and its shameful coverage of the political assassinations of the 1960s. If you are a newcomer to these cases, we strongly recommend you begin to explore the site at this area. You will quickly understand why 1) the mainstream media has a significant credibility problem, and 2) why the press sees these cases one way and the public generally sees them another.

RFK Jr. tells us what is wrong with the media today. It sounds like he knows what happened to his father and uncle, and what the media had to do with it.


New Developments in MLK, Jr. case

The State's Case Against James Earl Ray
By Martin Hay

The Awful Grace of God, Religious Terrorism, White Supremacy and the Unsolved Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., by Martin Hay

Deconstructing Kowalski By Douglas Valentine. Issued in June 2000 by US Attorney Barry Kowalski, the King Report which was initiated in 1998 at the request of the King family and Dr. Pepper, completely absolves the federal government of any involvement in a conspiracy to kill the Noble Prize-winning Civil Rights leader and anti-war activist.

Hampton Sides' "Hellhound on his Trail" on YouTube (10 minute version)

MLKtheTruth.com (complete version)

The 13th Juror is James DiEugenio's review of a new book on the 1999 civil trial on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Memoir of Injustice: By the Younger Brother of James Earl Ray, Alleged Assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Jerry Ray, with Tamara Carter -- Reviewed by James DiEugenio

A Candid Conversation About Conspiracy and Escape, September 1977.

New information on the MLK case. As an FBI informant, celebrated civil rights photographer Ernest Withers spied on key figures in the national and local movement, reporting on suspected militants and their associates.

CTKA Chairman James DiEugenio was interviewed about the Martin Luther King, Jr. cases.
Part One and Part Two.




Legendary Texas con man Billie Sol Estes dead at 88 GRANBURY - Billie Sol Estes, a flamboyant Texas huckster who became one of the most notorious men in America in 1962 when he was accused of looting a
federal crop subsidy program, has died. He was 88.

Estes, whose name became synonymous with Texas-sized schemes, greed and
corruption, was found dead by a caretaker early Tuesday in his home in
DeCordova Bend, a city about 60 miles southwest of Dallas, said Hood County
Sheriff Roger Deeds. A local funeral home confirmed it would be handling the

Cartha "Deke" DeLoach Passed Away, NYT Cartha D. DeLoach, who as a top aide and confidant to J. Edgar Hoover was the F.B.I.'s liaison to the White House and a powerful intermediary between Hoover and President Lyndon B. Johnson during an especially tense political era.
Link to the DeLoach/Tolson memo on Garrison and the section regarding LBJ believing in a possible CIA plot starts in the last paragraph here. (04/04/1967) Links courtesy of Jean Davison.

Gaeton Fonzi, journalist and JFK assassination investigator. MiamiHerald.com In 1975, Fonzi went to work for Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker, who headed a committee reopening the investigation of JFK's murder. Fonzi became the investigator in Florida who explored CIA connections to anti-Castro Cuban groups and possibly to Lee Harvey Oswald. Schweiker's committee was dissolved but after Fonzi found a connection between the groups, he continued working for a house sub-committee for the next two years. In 1993, after a decade of research on the assassination, his book "The Last Investigation," was published.

Fonzi book"He was writer in his soul," said his wife, Marie Fonzi. "He never stopped thinking about the stories, about the assassination."

In 1998, he was awarded "Mary Ferrell-JFK Lancer Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" Dallas, November 21, 1998 (read his acceptance here)

WhiteJack D. White (1927 - 2012) Jack's interest has been the study of the John F. Kennedy assassination, serving as a photographic consultant to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Assassinations during its hearings, as well a consultant on the JFK film. He produced two videotapes on his photographic studies of the assassination and developed a slide lecture, while contributing his research to books and professional journals. Jack's collection of JFK assassination books and materials and his old Fort Worth photographs have been donated to UTA Library's Special Collections where they are accessible to those interested. Read more here.

FBI Agent James Hosty has passed away

from the Sarasota, FL "Herald Tribune"
June 13, 2011

'60s activist Carl Oglesby dies in NJ at age 76Carl Oglesby, a dynamic activist in the 1960s who headed the campus organization Students for a Democratic Society and gave an influential and frequently quoted speech denouncing the Vietnam War and those who broke his "wik heart," has died at age 76.

Ted Sorensen

"...here is a great deal to be said about why those speeches were so good. Obviously, much of the credit belongs to the person delivering the speech, and Ted Sorensen was blessed with a partner of rare ability. But he brought his own great abilities, which dovetailed perfectly with those of President Kennedy."

R. Sargent Shriver, Peace Corps Leader, Dies at 95 R. Sargent Shriver, the Kennedy in-law who became the founding director of the Peace Corps, the architect of President Lyndon B. Johnson's war on poverty, a United States ambassador to France and the Democratic candidate for vice president in 1972, died on Tuesday in Bethesda, Md.



Will the UN reopen the Dag Hammarskjold case?

Why did Floyd Boring lie about being in Dallas?

Frank Mankiewicz: Secret intermediary to Cuba

Researcher Greg Parker has a new Website and Forum.

Decades later, seeking to shed light on CIA's conduct in congressio​nal inquiry of JFK assassinat​ion - Nation - The Boston Globe

Frank Mankiewicz​, 90, Press Aide to Robert Kennedy and NPR Chief, Dies - NYTimes.co​m

Groden's Arrest Constitutional
The researcher loses a round.

CIA and the Bay of Pigs
A Federal appeals court says the CIA doesn't have to reveal information about the Bay of Pigs.

John Judge, RIP
John Judge, COPA co-founder and longtime JFK activist, has died.

Why Are They Still Lying To Us?
Lance Moore, an ordained minister, calls out for truth in the JFK case.

"Maurice Bishop...Was David Atlee Phillips"
By John Kelin

Yes there was a cover-up
Director Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar answer new criticism of the movie, JFK

The Sixth Floor's Conspiracy
By Jim Schutze

The Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy?
By Jim Schutze

Jim Schutze's Latest Update on the Battle over Dealey Plaza

Has the Tom Hanks JFK assassination movie started filming?

The Power Elite in Dallas Takes Charge
By James DiEugenio

Appeals Court rules Dallas must allow conspiracy vendors at Dealey Plaza,

ACTION ALERT! The MSM and RFK Jr.: Only 45 years Late this Time

RFK's children speak out on the JFK assassination.


The entire collection of Probe magazine on disk

James DiEugenio on Coast-to Coast Radio

Nat Geo Adapting Bill O'Reilly's 'Killing Kennedy'

Former Senator Arlen Specter Dead, He worked for the Warren Commission in 1964, Specter was the chief author of the theory that a single bullet had hit both Kennedy and Texas Gov. John Connally. 10/14/12

Nicholas Katzenbach Dead: Former JFK, LBJ Aide Dies At 90

Earl Rose, coroner when Kennedy was shot, dies. According to law he should have done President Kennedy's autopsy, performed an autopsy on Oswald and Ruby.

The 50th Anniversary of JFK's Death Could Be the Start of Something Good and Loud

As 50th anniversary approaches, Dallas' nerves still raw about JFK assassination

Bill O'Reilly is coming out with JFK assassination book this fall. Read more.

Calif. AG Asks Judge to Deny Sirhan Sirhan Appeal - ABC News

Archives Releases Longer Tape of AF1

The Original White House Version of the Kennedy Assassination Air Force One Tape, Not Previously Known to Exist Historical Document and Autograph Dealer The Raab Collection

Featured AARC Letter to US Archivist on CIA Records; AARC asks NARA to stay true to the JFK ACt and declassify more JFK records.

Elegy for Roger Feinman
By James DiEugenio

National Archives Opens Additional JFK Assassination Materials (11/2004 Update)

Lost JFK assassination tapes on sale
A long-lost version of the Air Force One recordings made in the immediate aftermath of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, with more than 30 minutes of additional material not in the official version in the government's archives, has been found and is for sale.

"How the Navy bamboozled the ARRB: The Railroading of Officer Terri Pike" over Release of ONI Assassination Records

Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy (YouTube Intro)

Jackie Kennedy interviews and transcript to be released. Sealed since 1964, eight and a half hours of interviews with Jackie Kennedy are set to be released in September and are rumored to be full of surprises.

Biography Revives Push to Reopen Malcolm X Case, New York Times.

History Channel Pulls 'The Kennedys'; Says Controversial Miniseries 'Not a Fit" - The Hollywood Reporter

Dallas to appeal dismissal of charge against Dealey Plaza vendor January 6, 2011 By RUDOLPH BUSH / The Dallas Morning News

JIM DOUGLASS EVENT WITH OLIVER STONE VIDEO We urge everyone to buy this book. And if you could not attend the event, we have links to the video placed above.
Digest (15 minutes/excerpts)

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
Part 5 –

Arlen Specter is about to ride off into the sunset, having lost a Senate re-election bid in the Pennsylvania primaries. James DiEugenio bids him adieu in Arlen Specter: The Death of Mr. Magic Bullet.

Has another of Malcolm's assassins been found? Read here.

Gerald Posner is suing a Miami newspaper over stories relating to the plagiarism scandal that led to his resignation from The Daily Beast. You may not believe who his attorney is. New reports (as of May 2010) suggest Posner's troubles are far from over.

Obama appointee Cass Sunstein is calling for the "cognitive infiltration" of conspiracy theory groups. Cyril Wecht, M.D., J.D., responds to Sunstein and his co-author, Prof. Adrian Vermeule.

Oliver Stone, the Academy-award winning director of JFK and many other films, is set to produce a multi-part documentary about "the secret history of America," according to The Huffington Post.


Rewriting History?

Reclaiming History, the long-awaited book by former L.A. prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, is finally out. Has it been worth the wait? This book is the most audacious defense of the lone-nut story in years. We have a series of reactions from the JFK critical community.

Besmirching History, Vincent Bugliosi Assassinates Kennedy Again By Michael Green.

Dr. Gary Aguilar, a member of the Board of Directors of the Assassination Archives and Research Center, says Bugliosi is a boxer who hasn't laid a glove on the case for conspiracy.

Twenty Years of Work William Davy traces Bugliosi's two decades-long research odyssey.



Jim DiEugenio's discussion of President Kennedy's foreign policy with Alan Dale.

CTKA Chairman James DiEugenio was interviewed about the Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. cases. See the RFK interview, Part One and Part Two. The MLK interview is also divided into Part One and Part Two.

New Zealand researcher Seamus Coogan offers up an extract from his videotaped interview with former Dallas policeman H.B. McLain.

Oliver Stone Interview with Dan Rather.